How to use Classic Editor and Gutenberg in WordPress

A lot of people have asked me questions on how to use Gutenberg Editor and Classic Editor. In this post, I will explain Gutenberg editor and how it can be used along side the classic editor. Before we continue, what is Gutenberg or Block Editor? Gutenberg Editor is the all-in-one new text editor of WordPress, which has been introduced in the newly launched WordPress 5.0.

Gutenberg Editor is a type of editor that will not only help you format content more efficiently but also creates page layouts without having to spend extra money, while the classic editor was the editor that was initially launched with WordPress, until version 5.0

Initially, a lot of people have fear of switching to Gutenberg editor this is because some feel like it’s an editor with way too much features for a typical blogger/content creator. While you may need the new editor to create some pages, a typical classic editor is okay to create a blog post hence the need to keep both.

In this post you can learn how to keep both new content editor and classic editor as well. or in other words how to switch back and forth between the two WordPress editor etc..

Now let’s find out how on a WordPress website, Gutenberg and Classic Editor both can be used for different posts.

STEP 1: Install the Classic Editor Plugin

If you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin, please visit this tutorial on that. You can find the Classic Editor and download here.

Classic Editor
Classic Editor Plugin Download Page

Step 2: Go to Classic Editor Settings and adjust the editor settings as shown in the image below

Step 3: Go to all posts and mouse over a post you will like to edit.

You should see the two options available for you to use.

Disclaimer – WordPress core settings do change from time to time. If this does not achieve its purpose for you at the time using it, please comment below so we can check, assist and update.

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