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At LearnPOD Academy, our courses are mentored by practicing professionals with a calling to positively impact your life.

Learn by doing

No matter your level of experience, you’ll be faced with real-life challenges right from class, typically a ``working`` students in days.

Build your portfolio

Right from class you have the advantage of building your career portfolio, since you will be opportune to work on real life projects.

Land your dream job

From building a freelance career to employment, the choice is yours. Not sure where to start? We’ll point you in the right direction.

Professional Certificates

Learn great skills from practising professionals

Graphic Designer

This course will help you to unlock your creativity and self-assurance to create good graphic designs through the understanding of the principles of design and its elements with real-life projects.

Front-End Developer

This course lays your foundation in the Web Development industry. You won’t just finish this course as a web developer but would have a clearer vision of how to navigate the industry going forward.

Digital Marketer

Grow with our professional Digital Marketing course. This course focuses on the promotion and marketing of products online, it helps reshape your digital marketing knowledge and progress your career

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At LearnPod, we understand that private class is paramount to some, due to learning method, special requirements or time, so we created this to serve you based on your request.

Private classes also present you with the opportunity to take training that is not available for general classes.

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