When it's time for growth,

Talent shouldn't be a problem

LearnPOD has what you need to get real results

Our graduates are keen to learn and progress.

Since our graduates just left the academy and very well in shape of learning, so will they be primed to learn even more in order to succeed.

They have a different outlook

As a younger generation with great skill set that have different perspectives on life, they will be able to contribute new, innovative and fresh ideas.

We prioritize character and work ethics

LearnPOD takes personal character and ethics seriously that's why we sanction, suspend or expel students so we would have done most filtering for you.

Our graduates are very comfortable with changing technologies.

LearnPOD students in general, are more comfortable with technology due to the ubiquity of tech during their classes.

They're trained to multitask.

Learn-podders are made multitasking individuals right from class. We make sure they are use to this and it's an essential process every podder pass through to graduation.

Portfolio-based assessment

All our graduate have worked on multiple real life projects for a client or our sister companies. You are employing a graduate with a growing portfolio and not a scratch board.

Our graduates are willing to adapt

Our graduate are prepared raw so you can put them in shape just as you want them, open to new opportunities, and the urge to grow their starting career keeps them delivering.

Our graduates are affordable

Fresh graduates naturally have lower salaries and are therefore more affordable for companies to hire. but this time you are hiring industry ready graduates with already growing portfolio.

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