Top 5 Languages for every web Developer

Do you have an interest in the way website works and would love to become a web developer, it is actually a very exciting journey. You have to be skilled in some series of languages which is essential for developers. we will take you through some programming language which many developers use in designing and building a functional website:

#1. HTML5:

Many might underestimate the functionality of HTML in web design, but it plays a very important role in developing website. HTML is actually a scripting language and not a programming language in itself. It is one of the very basics of designing a website, if you know your HTML very well, you will be knowledgeable about all other web development tools. HTML5 is the most recent version of the HTML tools and it is well equipped with functionality that developers utilize for web design.

#2. Javascript:

Javascript through its framework have been very beneficial to web development and is one of the most popular language that still moving upward among chart in web development language. Javascript has helped to transform the way web works. JavaScript is a fun and flexible programming language. It’s one of the core technologies of web development and can be used on both the front-end and the back-end.

#3. PHP:

The functionality of PHP is express in numerous websites operating with great response and appreciation on the World Wide Web. Given that PHP and HTML together work with great cohesion and give excellent results, it is only fair that PHP follows its partner in crime in the list. The fact that the world’s most common eCommerce platform, Magneto has been written in PHP, speaks volumes about the utility of this language in web development.

PHP is an open-source, object-oriented language server-side language that has been used time and again for creating dynamic web pages. The language offers a plethora of benefits that have made popular online businesses such as Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc. achieve the authority or influence they have today.

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#4. Java:

Java programming language and its frameworks allow you great flexibility and productivity for your web application development.It has numerous modules that aid web development and since it is not platforming dependent, using Java and deploying Java applications becomes all the more easier.

#5. Python:

The biggest reason you should learn the Python programming language over other programming languages is that it is arguably the easiest to learn and write code in. Python’s diverse packages and its interface that allows third-party packages give all the more utility to Python. Python is also used extensively as a scripting language thus proving its worth in the web development foray.

Other languages that should be included on the list includes

#6. .NET:
Microsoft came up with the .NET framework in 2000 and primarily for systems running on Windows,

#7. Ruby:

Ruby is similar to Python in its simplicity and Pearl for its programmer-friendly interface

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