Switch to Tech: 5 Easy Steps to change your career

Lots of people have dreams to switch to tech but you might think it’s impossible or unlikely if you’ve spent your career in a totally different industry like construction, medicine, or food service.

Using the tips below will definitely give you a better advantage.

The Good news: There is a place for everyone Who Wants to Switch to Tech

Top tips for breaking into the tech industry. Credit: Youtube

1. Find a relative or successive industry in the tech space

Firstly, All the industry that was created before tech and after tech have found ways to sync or should I say they have found ways to switch to tech, In this post, we would look into how this has basically made the switch a bit easier.

Tech is too big and it’s gradually not seen as an industry but a necessity where every industry has to lay their foundation or use tech to upgrade their doings. Below are a few mentions of some industries that have seamlessly transformed into tech-enabled industries.

Tech is too big and it’s gradually not seen as an industry but a neccesity where every industry have to lay their foundation or use tech to upgrade their doings. Below is a few mention of some industries that have seemlessly transformed into tech enabled industries.


A few mention of industries that have switch to tech or currently transitioning

  • News/Journalist > NewMedia/eMedia
  • Marketing/Sales > Digital Marketing/Sales
  • Teacher > EdTech
  • Finance > FinTech
  • Health > HealthTech
  • Fashion > FashionTech
  • Enviromentalis > CleanTech or GreenTech
  • Catering > FoodTech
  • Insurance > InsurTech
  • Lawyer/paralegal/regulator -> RegTech or LegalTech

Personally, I am a fan of not adding tech or digital to these industries because they will definitely kill their preceding industries just the way we are forgetting to say old/print media and new media to just refer to the new media as Media, soon FinTech will totally replace Finance and we may not say FinTech again and just call it Finance. So you are making a very good decision making the switch before the kill.

2. Don’t ditch your experience

Switching to tech does not mean crushing your experience. Yes, I mean every word of that. I have trained some folks and see many other folks that tried building applications for industries like FinTech or Media but failed because of not having people like you by their side. Creating a baking app isn’t just by coding we need those that have the ideal expertise to manage thousands or millions of accounts, we need each other, while we have what it takes to digitize or fix issues of what’s currently happening with technology, you know exactly what’s currently happening and the complete story and have been in the system.

3. To Switch to to Tech Be Open to change

Change is constant but no one what’s to change truly. Change is difficult and that’s where the friction happens, so we need to be watchful.

When getting into the tech space, a few or a lot of things may not work exactly the way you understand. No, I am not talking about the use of technology. In the old media system, the use of grammar was a thing, writing for scholars was a thing of pride, longer paragraphs, and so on. However, new media was first adopted by a much younger generation with different behavioral patterns like lesser attention span, simplicity, etc which have transformed how the new media writes its contents.

4. Take online courses

Happy man working from home after a Switch to Tech

To switch to tech, I would be more specific about taking courses online. First, you need to take a course to understand some technical terms however if you want to get your hands dirty, dive deep. I have met people who got into deep technical stuff in their 40s. IF YOU CAN FOCUS, CREATE THE TIME AND FUNDING. However, taking your courses online will help you understand technology better, start will simple onboarding course and you will be fine.

5. Switch to Tech: Volunteer (or Start Cheap)

Another very strong way to quickly switch to tech and build a career in the tech industry is to volunteer. Although has to be strategic, volunteering for a company or startup in the industry you would like to switch to is key. Tech is a space of “what have you done?” you want to grow fast, you need to get things done, verifiable things, and build a portfolio and Volunteering can quickly help you achieve that.

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