signs to check for virus infection on your PC

Virus can be a non-memory or memory-resident; A non-resident virus is a computer virus that does not store or execute itself from computer memory. Executable viruses are an example of a non-resident virus.

Memory-Resident virus stays in the memory and does not look for hosts to infect when they are executed. It stays active in the background after its host program is terminated, and infects files as soon as they are opened or accessed by other programs or the operating system. It does have the replication module like the non-memory resident virus, but without the finder module.

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It is vital for any computer user to be aware of these warning signs of virus infections:

  • Blue screen errors or ongoing system crash
  • Unknown pop up across computer screen or browser pop-up
  • Slow system performance
  • Unnecessary duplication of files by itself
  • Unknown program starts running/ detection of unknown new files or programs
  • Files, folders or programs getting deleted or corrupted
  • Low storage
  •  Increased network activity
  •  Disabled security software

If you come across any of these above-mentioned signs then there are chances that your computer is infected by a virus or malware. Not to delay, immediately stop all the commands and download antivirus software. If you are unsure what to do, get the assistance of authorized computer personnel.

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How can you help protect your devices against computer viruses?

  • Install trusted antivirus products, such as Norton AntiVirus Basic, and keep it updated
  • Ensure to use firewall to enhance your browser security
  • Avoid clicking just any pop-up advertisement. you can make use of pop-up blocker
  • Adjust your User Account Control, create strong passwords
  • Ensure to scan your email attachments before opening them, be cautious with emails links
  • Always scan the files that you download using file-sharing programs
  • Carry of general system scan on a regular basis to check suspicions

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