Effective ways to learn programming faster

#1. Learn and code too:

While learning to code, take your time to play around with code too. Try to utilize the codes you learnt by putting them to use. When you start playing with the code, the faster you will be able to assimilate. This also aides faster learning and understanding. Reading is not the same as understanding, and actually trying to write the code yourself, or at least running it, will facilitate the learning process much more.

#2. Understanding the basics for future benefits:

While learning to code, the very basics are important, as elementary, as they may seem, it is important to grasp the fundamentals and know them because it will be the foundation on which you will build. It will eventually help you to understand advanced concepts easily. There spend time knowing the fundamental of coding it is key to your learning process.

#3. Code by hand:

Using devices to code is good and makes it easier, but coding by hands sharpens your proficiency. Try coding off the computer system and use stuffs like a writing pad or on a board. when you write codes, you take more precautions and you may not be able to easily make corrections to errors. It makes you sound in your coding.


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#4. Ask for help:

Another tip that can speed up your learning process is having a bit of assistance. Ask for help when you meet a deadlock or when you are stuck. When you have the assistance of someone better than you, you learn faster and you can learn from shared knowledge too. make sure to have an online or offline assistance.

#5. Use online resources: 

There are a lot of resources and free tools online which can aid your learning process. Many of these resources differs with the user, some can make use of ebook while others may appreciate watching tutorial videos. Try to look for what works best for you and stick to them. The bottom line is to make use of these resources you can lay your hands on, do research, and apply them.

#6. Take breaks in between:

Take breaks in between your coding, especially when debugging it is very easy to get wasted in the process. This may wear you out quickly, give yourself some space, take a break to clear your mind and you can later return to your coding. These will help you get refreshed to be able to solve problems and enhance productivity.