6 Tips to stay motivated while learning to code

In the process of learning to code, you might begin to get weary and lazy about tasks, finding motivation might be one hard part in the process of being a professional. There are many times that you might hit a block-road and tired, how do you stay in check and motivated to not quit:

How do you stay motivated?

#1: Spend more time practicing:

Most times learners tend to get in the hook when they move too quickly without taking more time to practice. It is important that whenever you come across a new concept, give it more time and learn it, try to apply it as you move to a more advanced concept in your coding.

Just like learning to speak a new language, coding can feel the same way. It might seem like you don’t know how to speak well especially when you are around people that speak very fluently, but the secret there is the more you speak, the more you become fluent.

#2: Look back at the bridges you have crossed:

At those times when you hit a block-road, you might be pressed to fix your sight on what you trying to learn and lose sight of what you have already learned. Try to take some time and reflect on how far you have come.

Look back at things that you have achieved and let it be your motivation that you are moving ahead.

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#3: Remind yourself why you started learning to code:
In the first place what motivated you to start your journey into coding, try to remember the goal you had when you first began this journey. What motivated you to want to code. Maybe you never had any reason, why not set a goal.

A constant reminder of your goal will help inspire you and energize you to keep pressing forward. You can ask questions like what will your skill help you achieve in the future, what would you like to do that would require those skills?

#4: Embrace the learning process:
The process of programming might be a tough one due to the change the way you reason and view problems. The learning process would require you to think in a way you have never thought. The idea might take sometime to become part of you, you will make mistakes along the way.

At times when you are feeling frustrated, understand that it is part of the process, encourage yourself through the learning process.

#5: Take up small task at a time:

Try not to take it in all at once, you are encouraged to take up small task at a time, try to achieve smaller goal. You don’t have to code all day, anything close to a hour is good enough for a start and at some other days, you find that you want to spend longer time because you are into it.

#6: Take a break
Sometimes all you need is just  a break, a breathing space to clear your head. you might take a walk off your system, go somewhere or do other things. by the time you get back to your coding you will feel reinvigorated and with a solution mindset.

sometimes a good music or playing game will do, just engage in some other things that will get you off coding at the moment.

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