5 Tips to earn while learning to code

Learning to code actually takes time, you need to develop the flair for it only then can you make use of the skills to build functioning apps or website in a short while. After a while that you have gone deep in your code learning you can actually start making money with the little you have learned. Although it may not be the huge amount that senior web developers rake in, you can start earning some token along your learning journey. Here are some ways to start earning cash while learning to code:

#1. Build App:

Many people over-estimate the amount of skill level required to build an app, meanwhile, it has become easier to build using some software which might not even require that you have programming knowledge. Although developers are not advised to go down this route. But if you’ve been learning Swift or Objective-C, you’ll be able to create basic iOS apps within a few hours. If you have a useful, marketable idea for an app, you can easily make money by building it yourself for free, launching it on the App Store, and selling it to the public.

All with just a day’s worth of work. If you think you have a flair for app development and the million-dollar app ideas just keep coming, check out PhoneGap, Appcelerator or Apache Cordova. These automatic coding apps can help you make apps in minutes rather than hours – but that doesn’t mean you can skip on your coding studies.

#2. Work for small business around you:

Many small businesses at some point require the service of professional programmers but cannot afford the cost. Most time what they need are basic apps or websites to solve little problems pertaining to their business, some of these problems require a simple and cheap solution. If you take up the task and prove that you can solve these problems as a starter, then you can earn something. These small business owners will be willing to hire you. Of course, they may not pay you that much but solving their problems may be beneficial to your development.

It is a good way to improve and may even be an opportunity that would land you your first job. Try to gain experience with real life projects rather than just building things for yourself, and you may even get a second or third job out of it. Ask around your neighborhood or advertise your services locally and see what happens.

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#3. Start taking tutorials:

For whatever you have learnt, there is someone out there who is new to the stuff you have known and willing to learn it. Many of them try to find resources online to start their learning process. why not render free tutorials to them and make them follow you. Make a screen record of yourself and some easy-to-do project which your audience can learn from. When you have built more following, you can then link it with Google AdSense and your bank account will slowly but surely begin to fill up. For this you’ll also need to know about Search Engine Optimisation, content creation, web design, and a little bit of marketing. But hey, that’s all part and parcel of being a well-rounded programmer/developer/general tech guru. Believe it or not, it can actually be pretty fun too.

#4. Work as a Freelancer:

Another way to start earning is by doing freelance jobs, render remote services online, this might immediately prove difficult because many clients expect industry level code and you may find it difficult to source jobs at your skill level that are actually worth the money.

However, if you want to build a career as a freelancer or a consultant, it’s never too early to get in the game. Set up a profile on sites like Upwork or Freelancer, join relevant Linkedin Groups, and start bidding for jobs. Be very careful not to mislead potential clients about your level of expertise, and don’t take on too many jobs at once – no matter how tempting the money may be. Always make sure to ask for feedback and recommendations at the end of every successful job; it’s the only way to grow your profile, your ratings and your client base.

#5. Coding competition:

There are a variety of coding contest online, find one to jump on. Some of these coding contest offer cash prizes. The task involved in some of these competitions involves solving problems to real-world challenges for global clients willing to buy into some of the ideas. Entering into coding contest is a very good platform for exposure and you get the opportunity to be engaged with an interesting community of coders and you can also get to learn more. likewise, when you win in a competition you can get paid for winnings.