10 Tips to learn web development fast (II)

#6. Frameworks:

Once you have learned and understand how coding works, and you can build complex projects, then you can begin to use frameworks to build. Framework makes your work much faster as you won’t be coding from scratch anymore. Framework are built with features and automated tools, you will have basic templates to work with. You would need to be well-groomed in at least one framework to help your profession

#7. Reverse Develop Websites:

One way to learn how things work is to break them down and put back the pieces, it also applies to your web development. Try a reverse of a developed website and see the way it was being built, what code made the website unique. you can start practicing this with very simple websites then you can move forward to more complex websites. This will make you more skillful at your coding

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#8. Don’t forget previous knowledge:

The world of web development is changing every day and recycling to new products but some developmental tools are here to stay. Don’t be lost in the cycle of what seems to be the lastest and forget what will always remain. Yes there are latest technologies coming out and serve faster but focus on language that works for everyone and will stand time such as your HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

#9. Keep it Simple:

During your learning progress, don’t always jump to very complex projects which might take your time and strength battling with it, start simple and keep it simple. Don’t actually think it is too simple for you, master it and it will be very beneficial to your development.

#10. Update yourself:

As you progress, you need to start reasoning like a programmer, and get into the community of other programmers, keep yourself up to date and read up. spend time browsing on information related to what you do, get into forums and discussions. This can help sharpen you and make you much more knowledgeable.

Note that it is important you start building, try to lay your hands on any project and build. The more you build the more you know. it can enhance the speed of your development. Get into open source projects and follow online tutorials. This will all help you become groomed in your web development journey.