10 Tips to learn web development fast (I)

Learning web development can be very easy but it takes a long while to master it. In order to become a web expert, what it takes is experience and time. It is important that while learning web development, you begin learning the very basics which can be an exciting journey. To make learning more efficient and interesting, you can use the following tips:

#1. The act of teaching yourself:

For every skill you would like to acquire, you need to master the act of teaching yourself, figure out what works for you. What teaching method is fast for you, how do you get to assimilate what you are learning faster? Also what makes your learning process more fun and less nerdy. you can apply this to your development and learning process

#2.Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript:

Although there is more to web development, but starting out without these 3 can have adverse impact on your development. Never skip this steps in your learning, it is one of the best foundations for web development. Learn it and understand them well, it will go a long way in your web development.

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#3. Use a CSS Generator:

Using a CSS generator shouldn’t be a shortcut to not learning code but should it will help facilitate your web designing. CSS generator help to save time and help to easily remember code lines as it is loaded with some features for fast coding.

#4. Use a Programming Text Editor:

Every programmer has a text editor they make use of, text-editor makes coding easy, find out which one works best for you and learn to use them efficiently.

#5. Get to Know Screen Sizes:

It is important in the phase of your design or development to know what the output of your website or app will look like. The output of web design varies with various devices and screen sizes. So get to know screen sizes and how you can maneuver you design to suit them.

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